MAG Caribe

uot;logo"MAGwas conceived in 1997 with the purpose of providing Single Point of Contact for the management of projects. We believe that Project Management is the systematic application of management controls to make the elements of TIME, QUALITY, and COST quantifiable and predictable to any process.



We perform these services with specialists knowledgeable in both the pre-construction and construction phases.

Over the past few years we have broaden our scope and MAG can now make claim that it embraces virtually all phases of services from feasibility studies, planning, right of way, construction supervision, project management and quality assurance to project close-out. These services have been provided on a wide gamut of projects such as Correctional Facilities, Housing, Water Treatment and Distribution, Filtration Plants, Mass Transit among others.

We have continued to mature in staff and diversification of services. Our human resources of over 40 professionals and consultants have pledged, as it's president has to uphold the highest level of professionalism and dedication for the benefit of our clients.

We invite you to peruse our brochure so that you may develop a clear understanding of our organization, our capabilities and our corporate philosophy of integrity, commitment, and quality.

A name to be trusted:

Improving our way of life


As consultants, we create the most appropriate approach through studies of the project, the environment, and the social structure of a particular region. One of the most satisfying elements of our work is that we have had the opportunity to endeavor on projects of global concern as environment, water resources, health, and housing.

Whether working on a water distribution project to deliver to deprived communities, improving conditions at a correctional facility or relocating socially economically disadvantaged families to better housing, we are ever reminded that it is our duty to contribute to the social development of the job that has been entrusted to us.

Organizational skills and network of information


Whether our superior leadership is exercised alone or in partnerships, our involvement is an assurance of a project’s successful outcome.

There is a strong competition and like other professional services; the client-consultant relationship is one of trust and respect. Our clients recognize these qualities in MAG, which we have earned with time, dedication and commitment.

Management of information is also a key part of our innovative approach. MAG is fully automated. Cost and schedule controls are computerized. We provide our clients with the report needed to keep abreast of the project and yet have the detail elements when required.

Large scale projects and comprehensive services


When it comes to our services, the magnitude of a project in terms of hard dollars does not determine the level of the services we provide.

We believe there is no such thing as a large or small project; each has to be executed by gathering and integrating the precise resources to excel the expectations of our clients. All projects are unique; MAG has put together an organization with the flexibility to adapt to the multi-discipline requirements of each projects. We assemble a team of professionals who will take an energetic and creative approach the challenge of the job.