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The projects of today are experiencing rapid development in a number of areas, particularly in the design process. This has created the need for the implementation of specialized expertise to provide advice and services in other critical parts of a project.

Right of Way definition and Land Acquisition procedures are complex; highly detail oriented and must deal not only on the technical merits but also on social limitations and needs of the communities affected.

Our staff integrates these aspects of the project and nurtures a working relationship with the families to be displaced. This confidence in our work from the community translates into efficient and cost effective implementation of the work.

Second only to the construction costs, land acquisition is often delegated to the latter part of a project. We have implemented procedures that integrate this facet of the work from the onset in an attempt to seek optimum results in time, cost, and quality.

Principal Activities

  • Surveys
  • Socio-Economic Surveys
  • Site Assessments
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Appraisals & Reviews
  • Negotiations
  • Legal Services
  • Acquisitions
  • Ground Leases
  • Relocations