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MAG can provide quality control and establish quality assurance programs on all construction projects. As the owner deems necessary, MAG will establish a construction inspection staff to ensure total supervision of the contractors work.


MAG 's quality control group is comprised of field and special systems personnel qualified to perform all inspection work necessary to ensure quality and conformity to plans & specifications.

Utilizing Primavera standard CPM’s or sophisticated cost-loaded scheduling techniques, MAG can develop schedules that enable all functions to be constantly monitored, critical events identified, and costly delays avoided. Pre-bid and weekly work schedules are developed to suit the specialized requirements of each project. The weekly work schedule details all activities on a day-to-day basis for contractor coordination progress monitoring and future claim avoidance. The detail and organization of a proper schedule provides a smooth workable project to all parties.

Principal Activities

  • Project overview and inspections
  • Quality Control
  • Scheduling
  • Management information systems
  • Claims Analysis
  • Mediation
  • Training Seminars


MAG’s construction philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Review and Appropriateness of the plans to the demands of the construction process.
  2. Quality in the execution of the work; Emphasis in good construction practices.
  3. Correct choice of materials and procurement process.


We carefully select the personnel assigned to each project verifying that they possess the necessary professional preparation.  We maintain a high level of requirements at all stages of implementation, this can only be achieved through continuous presence on site of our engineers and architects.

The participation and direct contact with the client is important for us to meet their expectations.

MAG Caribe is the Contractor that can ensure that your Project will be delivered with the upmost quality and on-time completion.